The Growing Independence of Mighty Bellies

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Little kids are full of attitude, freedom and exhilarating energy. So many milestones to hit, games to be played and adventures to be had!  Healthy snacks for kids are an easy, natural way to ensure your little human is getting the correct nutrition, in a way which fits in with their endlessly energetic lifestyle.

As your little human grows, their vivid imagination is going into overdrive, and their energy levels will be high as they refine fine motor skills and start to get really excited about and proud of their new-found physical capabilities.

Healthy snacks for kids are an easy, natural way to ensure your child is getting the correct nutrition, in a way which fits in with their endlessly energetic lifestyle.

The ‘Mighty Bellies’ range (3+ years) is a delicious range of no-nonsense snacks for ‘no worries’ kids all the way from preschool to primary school, giving them the freedom to play and explore. They’re sensible, parent-approved snacks for kids, which give them the chance to play and dream, as well as the freedom to snack while on-the-go.

At Little Bellies, we believe in doing what’s natural. That means nurturing and respecting your child’s growing independence and all the quirks that make them so special and unique. Healthy snacks for kids can be so convenient. At this age, there’s so much to explore and so little time!

It’s at this time when kids are developing their unique views, and we believe it’s important to instill a healthy and positive attitude towards food that may carry through the rest of their lives. There are a myriad of ways to make eating a positive, informed experience, by creating yummy healthy snacks for kids’ lunch boxes, getting your little helper to cook in the kitchen, or learning about food together.



A burgeoning imagination

Your little explorer will be playing and creating stories, all the while developing their social, emotional and problem-solving skills. Their imaginative pretend play will be filled with drama, intrigue and emotion. They will be getting much more social and will likely want to socialise more than hanging out on their own.



Growing independence

It won’t be long now before your little kid becomes a big kid! As the baby face you know and love fades, a determined little creature will arise, full of spunk and independence.

You’ll often hear the phrase; “Mum, Dad, look at me!” because they are so proud and excited about their developing physical coordination and dexterity. At this age, they will often be “full of beans” and won’t be able to sit still. This is normal (and yes, sometimes frustrating!) and they are simply looking for stimulation and acknowledgement while they test the boundaries of their world.

Their fine motor skills are also improving, which means they may be learning to ride a bike, catch and throw balls, starting to brush their own hair, and, as they get older, tying their own shoelaces, cutting up their own food to eat, and using zips and buttons. As they get older they’ll love being involved in more complex physical activities like dancing, soccer and basketball.

  • Healthy Snacks For Kids

Supporting independence

As your little ones grow, they will love learning to make their own decisions. You can support them by letting them decide what to wear and what to eat. As they grow and change, they’ll develop their decision-making skills and will be able to see multiple sides to a problem (yet they may still seem self-centered at times).

Giving them tasks to help with while cooking not only helps refine fine motor skills when measuring, pouring, or mixing, it develops the ability to think about eating in a more mindful manner. By giving them the responsibility of certain tasks (i.e. the icing on a cake) this will build confidence, and empower them with knowledge and cooking skills.

It can be difficult to find healthy snacks for kids lunch boxes that satisfy both parent and child.  ‘Mighty Bellies’ snacks for kids are a range of yummy kids lunchbox snack options; they go back to basics by combining wholegrain, fruit or vegetable ingredients with everyone’s favourite flavours. Our Brown Rice Crispy Bars are a delicious snack which won’t be thrown out at school! They’re also free from gluten, dairy, egg, soy and tree nuts.

All of our snacks for kids are made to be eaten in tandem with playing or while on-the-go. They’re designed to help kids be kids; and always in line with a healthy, balanced diet.

At Little Bellies, we encourage kids to go on a journey of continued exploration, including exciting food options that nurture a vivid imagination and the development of their unique personalities.

To discover more of our ‘Mighty Bellies’ range, click here.

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