Mighty Bellies

There are so many milestones to hit, games to be played and adventures to be had when you’re a kid! Childhood is full of attitude, freedom and energy! Our healthy kids’ snacks have been designed to slot perfectly into their lifestyle!

Our PRE-SCHOOLER PORTIONS range is perfectly prepared for little kids on their way to becoming big kids, with deliciously wholesome tastes they'll love.


Introducing Pre-Schooler Portions, our new range of no nonsense snacks, perfectly prepared for pre-schoolers aged 3-5 years – with deliciously wholesome tastes they’ll love! 

At Mighty Bellies we believe nurturing comes naturally, so we simply provide good foods that parents can trust throughout their child’s natural development.  Our Pre-Schooler Portions range has been specially designed for the next stage of little kids on their way to becoming big kids, supporting their transition from baby to toddler and beyond.

You can find the Pre-Schooler Portions snacks in the baby & toddler aisle, which means for parents with bubs of different ages, you can now find everything you need in the same place, saving you time and energy wandering the aisles – how handy is that!