Do What’s Natural!

Feeding your kids can sometimes appear to be complex and overwhelming, but nurturing is natural! We do our very best to do what comes naturally to us – making simple, age-appropriate and wholesome foods for your babies, toddlers and kids – so that you can focus on what comes naturally to you – raising independent and unique individuals. We want to make feeding kids feel natural again!



At Little Bellies, we are passionate about providing healthy and delicious foods for babies, toddlers and kids.

As two brothers with 7 young children between us, feeding our kids only natural foods comes naturally to us. We want to feed our families nothing but the best quality food, free from artificial additives, genetically modified ingredients, unnecessary salt and sugar and with minimal herbicides and pesticides, especially during the formative baby and toddler years where there should be no exposure at all.

We founded our company after one of our children was diagnosed with severe sensitivities to food. The safe snack options at the time were significantly limited and this drove our passion and awareness for what we feed our kids.

So, inspired by our own kids, we developed Little Bellies. We believe in using wholesome ingredients to create foods that are age-appropriate. This is why you’ll find our baby and toddler foods are only ever organic and why all of our products for children under the age of 12 months never contain any added sugar or salt.

Our baby and toddler foods are created to allow young children to experience new tastes and textures while encouraging development, such as self-feeding.

As children grow, we focus on creating snack foods that are nutritionally dense and are made with more of the good things. We base our Mighty Bellies snacks on wholegrains, fruits, vegetables or other preferred ingredients and limit sugar and salt.

Our children continue to be our source of inspiration.