From pram to playground, our ranges are designed to support every step of natural child development, helping you as you nurture independent and unique little people.

Supporting Natural Progression

For Interactive Spoon-feeding

Eating from a bowl with a spoon means true interaction between you and your baby, and helps little ones see, touch and smell their food.

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Our happy belly pledge

Our Bellies products have been created with your child’s different developmental stages in mind.

We have firm beliefs around ingredients sourcing and introducing them so that they are appropriate for each of these stages. Our Happy Bellies Pledge has been created to help you do what’s natural and make informed choices.

Baby Bellies

No added sugar or salt. Nothing artificial. Organic baby grade.

Little Bellies

No added sugar or salt. Nothing artificial. Organic baby grade.

Mighty Bellies

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Play Time!

Who is our Mighty Bellies Monster looking at?! To help with the fun indoors (for at least ten minutes!), get your kids to draw a friend our Mighty Bellies Monster can play with.

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The Joy Of Discovering First Foods With Baby Bellies

This new relationship with your baby is a very special one. It's formed during a year of 'firsts' and utter dependence. A time for simplicity and softness yet new discoveries for you both.

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The Inquisitive Personalities of Toddlers

It's quite amazing how quickly these little people develop such unique personalities. They're interactive, innocent, joyful (most of the time) and oh so cute! They need you, but sometimes they seem to think they don't!

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