Our Mission To Make
First Foods Better

Organic Baby Bowls are for tiny taste buds at the very beginning of their lifelong food journey. The range of baby grade organic veg, fruit and grain purées help introduce budding eaters to their first flavours and textures and are served up in a bowl format to support interactive spoon-feeding and make your baby’s development priority number one.

At Little Bellies, we believe in doing what’s natural, and so our Baby Bowls have also been  purposefully-designed to support natural child development. Made with quality organic ingredients, the bowls help little ones develop important spoon-feeding mechanics, aid developmental oral and motor skills, can contribute to positive food associations and encourage mindful eating practices and behaviours.


Mindful Mealtimes

In an age of mindful eating and smoothie bowls, we think it’s about time it’s bubs’ turn! Eating from a bowl with a spoon, even if out of home, encourages meals and snacks to become sit-down occasions. We want to ensure mealtimes are a time to sit together and encourage mindful eating practices and behaviours including listening to the body. Spoon-feeding is particularly important for budding eaters as it facilitates eating and enjoying meals one mouthful at a time; a mindful motion that gives little bodies time to signal fullness and respects their natural ability to regulate their food intake.

Interactive Spoon-Feeding

Our purées are in bowls (and not pouches) to encourage interactive spoon-feeding. Eating with a spoon from our see-through bowls means true interaction between you and your baby and helps little ones see, touch and smell their food. Spoon-feeding is especially important in aiding healthy development of oral motor skills. Self-feeding and spoon feeding requires head control, leaning in, cupping the tongue under the spoon and holding the purée in the mouth. Using a favourite spoon also helps to create a familiar ritual important in helping babies become more comfortable accepting a wider variety of foods in their diet.
The mechanics of sucking on food and swallowing food from a pouch are completely different from those required to hold a spoon, place food on the tongue, move it around the mouth, and swallow. We believe its really important for a child’s natural development to learn to do things that seem only natural to us.

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Premium, Simple and Organic Ingredients

Our bowls come in combinations of simple and delicious certified organic pure veg options as well as fruit, veg and grain blends to introduce a variety of first flavours and textures to support your baby’s natural development.

For Learning to Love Veggies

Our range also includes Veggie bowls that have been intentionally designed to contain only pure veg, with no added or hidden fruit sugars. We love fruit and use it as a delicious and key ingredient in many of our bowls, but we also believe it is so important for babies to learn to love veg too. Babies’ palates are clean slates, and we believe babies should learn to love veggies without hidden fruit sugars. By hiding vegetables in fruit, we could be teaching babies to have a preference for sweet tasting foods.

Eating is a learned behavior and the full sensory experience of a spoonful of puréed veggies should be celebrated by these palates in training. Importantly, unmasked veggie bowls also allows babies to start to learn and understand sweet vs. savoury flavours. For example, this helps them to understand fruit = sweet / veg = savoury

Our aim is to create future veg lovers!

Easily navigable for clear, informed choices and convenience, without compromise

Our Baby Bowls are clearly named so that the flavours represent the exact ingredients used, and in the true proportions to ensure you are accurately informed about what’s under the lid. Our aim is to make it easy for you to identify the blends that are more suited for ‘main meal’ option vs other occasions. Whether you’re looking for savoury or sweet (or both!), the bowls are clearly named to make the decision simple and transparent.
This might sound self-explanatory, but we are very proud of this. It actually bucks the trend of some brands that often lead with a veg call out in the product name but when you look at the ingredient list, they actually contain 60% apple for example. If we use ‘apple’, we will call it out in the variant name, so it is clear.

We have no issue with apple purée, in fact we love it and do use it as a key ingredient in some of our bowls (although deliberately not all). Where we do use it, we use it for flavour and texture, not purely as a ‘cheaper’ alternative option to bulk out a purée. We just want it to be listed as a leading ingredient if it is the leading ingredient.

For example, our Sweet Potato, Carrot and Brown rice Veggie Bowl is exactly that – the ingredients will say “Sweet Potato, carrot, brown rice” in that same order, with no extra fruit purées hiding there that aren’t apparent in the product name.

Fruit-free purées for future veg lovers to introduce the first tastes of pure veggies to tiny taste buds.

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Savoury blends, combining a mix of veg and grains, for main meals.

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Wholesome fruit and grain-based blends, specially designed for those after-meal or in-between meal snacking moments.

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Fruit and oat-based breakfast purées for early risers.

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Striving for Sustainability

Our BPA free bowls are portable, resealable, recyclable and re-useable. Recycle the bowl, lid cardboard sleeve and dispose of plastic film thoughtfully.

However,  we encourage you to reuse them. In fact, they’re fantastic for storing favourite Bellies snacks or for keeping your own home-made purées!